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For over 35 years I've had the pleasure of capturing moments and stunning images of the people, places and events that make my home state of Alabama a culturally rich and diverse place live, work, play. Everyday life and major events were part of my routine as a photojournalist for the largest newspaper and news site in the state. 
My dad gave me 4 rolls of Kodachrome and loaned me a rangefinder camera for a scouting trip through the American southwest. A love and appreciation for telling stories with pictures was born.
Loretta Gordon, my high school English teacher and newspaper advisor encouraged me to sharpen my photographic skills by joining the Ramsay High newspaper staff as one of the "Vulcan View" photographers. I was fortunate to have Andy Russell at  The University of Montevallo's take me under his wing helping me land an internship at The Birmingham News. Working beside seasoned professionals I traveled the state documenting the people, places and events that make me proud to call Alabama home.



Each project begins with an idea and is molded with years of creative experience that will yield it's own unique outcome. Editorial, environmental portraiture, construction, volume headshots and sports are areas of expertise where this award winning photographer excels. Years of daily newspaper, website and commercial photography have provided experience and success to adapt and thrive under the pressures of tight deadlines, multiple creative shoots and high quality standards.  Take a look at some of the past work and see if we might be able to help you take an idea to finished, unique, original visual work.  For more information, get in touch today.


Collegiate sports to executive offices all made up part of the dynamic daily routine involved in my 25 plus years of creating striking images for newsprint, magazine and speciality publications.

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Creating one of a kind portraits that capture the personality of an individual or group does not happen by chance. Going beyond a casual snapshot to discover what will make images important for future generations is where we thrive. Executive portraits to volume headshots are all handled with professionalism and the highest degree of skill to make the experience effecitive and time efficient.

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Volume photography takes a level of confidence and creative energy to make the most of the time each subject has in front of the camera. Born from an opportunity to provide a service for my hometown league has grown into thousands of youth and high school athletes photographed each year.



Calera, Alabama

(205) 532-4231

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